Exhibit 21.1
Subsidiaries of the Registrant
Direct Subsidiary of the Registrant

of Organization
Percent Owned
by the Registrant
Hostess Holdings, L.P.Delaware93.6 %
Hostess Holdings, GP, LLCDelaware100.0 %

Direct and Indirect Subsidiaries of Hostess Holdings, L.P. - Indirect Subsidiaries of the Registrant
NameState of Organization or IncorporationPercent Owned directly or indirectly by Hostess Holdings, L.P.
New Hostess Holdco, LLCDelaware100%  
Hostess Holdco, LLCDelaware100%  
HB Holdings, LLCDelaware100%  
Hostess Brands, LLCDelaware100%  
Hostess Brands Services, LLCDelaware100%  
HB Holdings (RE), LLCDelaware100%  
New HB Acquisition (RE), LLCDelaware100%  
2727939 Ontario, Inc.Ontario100%