Promoting Honest & Ethical Conduct

We Believe in Doing Business the Right Way

At Hostess Brands, governance and oversight of ethics, risk management, sustainability, and diversity by the Board continues to be a primary focus. We are committed to operating our business in a sustainable and profitable manner for our stakeholders while providing high-quality products for our consumers and retail partners. To support the execution of these responsibilities, we have established a strong corporate governance structure.

Board of Directors Composition

In 2016, we became a public company. Since then, we have assembled a diverse and independent Board, whose members possess extensive experience and knowledge in the areas that directly contribute to the successful oversight and operation of a consumer products business.

Board Diversity

Our diverse board of directors include:

• Two born outside the U.S.,
• One first generation American,
• Two military veterans.

Certain directors are included in more than one of the listed categories above.

Board Oversight of Risk Management & Sustainability

Our Board of Directors oversees the risk management process. Our Board determines the appropriate level of risk for our Company, assesses the specific risks that we face, and reviews management's strategies for adequately mitigating and managing the identified risks.

Corporate Responsibility & Oversight

Our ESG governance structure has two objectives:

  1. Support the alignment of priorities and advancement towards goals.
  2. Connect priorities from the board room to the bakery floor.

Ethical Operations

We hold ourselves and each other accountable to act with integrity and honesty and to do the right thing for our customers, consumers, stockholders and employees. All of our employees and consultants are expected to operate in an ethical manner, as well as in compliance with all applicable laws and company policies.

The Board of Directors has adopted a Code of Ethics and Whistleblower Policy which apply to and are available to all employees of the Company from the first day of their employment.

View Our Code of Ethics
View Our Whistleblower Policy

Executive Compensation

We have established our compensation philosophy in a manner that allows us to attract and retain talented senior leaders that can have the potential to drive business success and create stockholder value.

Performance-based Compensation Mix

Our compensation program includes four key elements:

  1. Base salary
  2. Short-term incentives
  3. Long-term equity incentives
  4. Other compensation benefits (includes retirement program)

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Data Governance & Cybersecurity

We take the protection of data very seriously and we aggressively safeguard the Company from cybersecurity threats. We take a layered approach to cybersecurity to protect our facilities and critical systems, employing a combination of both active and passive measures that are layered and extend across all our locations.

We leverage a robust portfolio of tools and services from industry-leading vendors, to segment, control, measure, and analyze the activity of users and systems on our enterprise networks. We continually use our programs to monitor against existing and emerging threats to meet all guidelines for the protection of personal and confidential data; in accordance with regulations such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).